Relax and relieve pain with the
best massage in Glen Burnie, MD.

Blue Waters Focus Massage

 A customized massage focusing on one area of the body. A wide range of styles can be used like Swedish, deep tissue, fascia blasting or stretching during this targeted session. 30 minutes.

Blue Waters Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, and improve circulation and restore balance.

Blue Waters Customized Massage

Personalized to each person. Sessions can be focus sessions, focusing on one or two areas of the body or full body. Swedish and some Deep Tissue are used to give you a relaxing but effective massage.

Blue Waters Muscle Recovery Massage

This massage can incorporate styles like deep tissue, fascia blasting and stretching to help remove muscle tension, improve range of motion or heal injuries below the surface. A special aromatherapy blend to soothe sore muscles enhances recovery. 

Blue Waters Lemon and Petitgrain Body Escape

An invigorating scrub with sea salt and sugar is combined with the scent of lemon and the sweet, yet tart aroma of petitgrain. The back is thoroughly exfoliated then removed with hot towels. A revitalizing body massage with warm shea butter and more lemon and petitgrain is performed all over for a full body escape.

**Please note that it is both company policy and Maryland law that proper draping be used throughout the entire massage. Only the area of the body being worked will be uncovered at a time. Any inappropriate comments or sexual advances/remarks will result in immediate termination of session.**

Treatment Enhancements

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Choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree or Citrus.

A special scalp massage incorporating tea tree oil to help stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation while calming muscle tension around the head.

Lab + Blends Professional CBD Massage Oil combining 700mg of Hemp-derived CBD with omega rich Hempseed oil is ideal for sore joints and aching muscles. Compfry and Arnica Extracts work together to help relieve bruising and arthritis. THC free, non-psychoactive.