Relax and relieve pain with the
best massage in Annapolis, MD.

Blue Waters Swedish Massage

This signature massage utilizes classic massage techniques to ease away stress and tension, relaxing tired muscles, improving circulation and restoring balance.

  • 90-minute Massage - $120
  • 60-minute Massage - $70
  • 30-minute Massage - $50

Blue Waters Customized Massage

  • 90-minute Massage - $130
  • 60–minute Massage - $80
  • 30–minute Massage - $60

This massage can incorporate a multitude of styles from Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release to Facilitated Stretching, ensuring a unique, personally structured massage every time.

**Please note that it is both company policy and Maryland law that proper draping be used throughout the entire massage. Only the area of the body being worked will be uncovered at a time. Any inappropriate comments or sexual advances/remarks will result in immediate termination of session.**

The Fassage

Combine two of Blue Waters signature treatments.

  • 90-minute Massage + 60-minute Signature Facial - $200
  • 60-minute Massage + 60-minute Signature Facial - $150
  • 60-minute Signature Facial + 30-minute Massage - $130
  • 60-minute Massage + Express Facial - $120

Treatment Enhancements

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A special scalp massage incorporating tea tree oil to help stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation while calming muscle tension around the head.

Your treatment begins with a seasonal sugar scrub. Followed by a hot towel wrap with compressions. Then a relieving foot massage with our seasonal butter cream is performed helping tired feet feel rejuvenated.

Lab + Blends Professional CBD Massage Oil combining 700mg of Hemp-derived CBD with omega rich Hempseed oil is ideal for sore joints and aching muscles. Compfry and Arnica Extracts work together to help relieve bruising and arthritis. THC free, non-psychoactive. 

Release tension, decrease pain & leave muscles feeling invigorated and stimulated.  

** Massage only. **

Choose from Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree or Citrus.

A collagen eye mask is applied under the eye area to help firm, reduce puffiness and awaken skin around the eyes. At the same time a hydrating lip mask is placed over the lips to plump and smooth.

We all know that skin.

That skin that looks flawless. That post-facial skin. Skin that glows and looks even-toned and plump. This type of skin isn’t just natural; there are many factors that may be contributing to that “perfect” skin appearance. Factors such as genetics are out of our control but here is what you can do to help achieve glowing skin in just 24 hours!

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